Both VST2 and VST3 plugin versions needed these days?

Hey all,
I was wondering: do you all still build both VST2 and VST3 versions of your plugins these days? Are there still various hosts only supporting VST2?
I guess for commercial plugins with a history of say 3-4 years or longer, VST2 is still relevant, only to make sure producers/musicians can keep opening up their projects, right?
Until now, I’ve always only built VST2, as that is supported everywhere, and VST3 didn’t seem to bring much benefits for audio in/audio out effect plugins.
Any experiences/thoughts?

Yeah, good questions. Seems to me that a lot of hosts still ONLY support VST2, which is annoying. Ableton, for example :frowning:

Would love to hear what others see though, I haven’t checked my DAWs in a while. What DAWs actually support VST3 nowadays?

This is also relevant after the change announced here, which only applies to VST3 but not VST2 (because of the intrinsic limitations of the latter)

I wait until VST3 is fully supported and bug free, so 2018 (but maybe we have VST4 and AUv4 and AAX3 then ), in the meanwhile Apple will switch to ARM-based processors. :wink:


I think building VST3 only would be missing a lot of users.
I get quite some emails from people running OSX 10.6 and windows XP still.
It seems a lot musicians are not the upgrade-to-latest-versions kind of ppl.

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As long as Live doesn’t support VST3, I guess we’ll need to keep building VST2.

However, I feel Windows XP (and OSX 10.6) is too much trouble to keep supporting (that includes testing!), if you ask me. It makes no sense to support an OS that even the vendor itself doesn’t support any longer (for over 2 years now!)

On Mac, OS updates seem to happen much faster (given the way Apple always pushes their users…), so I’m going for OSX 10.7 and up (and that’s already 4 OSX versions to test on…)

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I’m doing the same with not supporting XP anymore and osx 10.7+ but users are using the old stuff and even if LIVE started supporting VST3 now there would be many years ahead of supporting VST2.

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