Do VST2.x hosts load VST3 plugins?

I have read a while ago that VST3 plugins also loads in VST2.x hosts. Does that work or do we need to build VST2 and VST3 plugins?

I want to update to VST3 because of the constantly redrawing bug most hosts have on OSX with VST 2.X, but i’m not sure if it’s worth the effort of releasing one format more or is it common to release only VST3 plugins today?

Any input is welcome!

There’s not really VST2.x hosts, but hosts that are compatible with 2.x standard. As far as I know, Tracktion, Cubase, Nuendo, Reaper and Sonar do support VST3, not sure about the others.

These hosts, at least, will load both VST2.x and VST3 natively.

Presonus Studio One is another one that supports VST3 (and of course VST 2)

On the contrary, Ableton Live still only loads VST 2, not VST3

Thanks for the information. Too bad that no all hosts support VST3. I thought there is something like backward compatibility in this format. Ableton is an important host, so i think there is no way around a VST2.x version at the moment.
Really hate that this format has that permanent redrawing issue in OSX. I think OSX had better times in the past. Every update seems to break something. Just my opinion…