How to play two track at the same time

Hi Jules,
I want to play two track at the same can i do it using same audioDeviceManager instance.
Thanks in advance.

Just add two audio callbacks.

Hi Jules,
Do i have to pass the same instance of AudioSourcePlayer with updated audio source or the new instance of AudioSourcePlayer to AudioDeviceManager. Because when i am setting source for audiosourceplayer the currently playing track is stopped and new track is set.

If you’re playing two separate things, then obviously you’d need two instances of a player object (?)

Hi jules,
If i want to play 2nd track on different channel where to set it

Copy data to a specific float channel?

Or create a track/AudioProcessor system, put instances of such in an AudioProcessorGraph, and route/create connections to desired channels? (which means not using multiple audio callbacks - but 1 callback, and many processors)

Very good advice. Besides, that’s been done in one of the forum posts (sorry, I don’tremember which one) . Basically, you need to create a class, which inherits AudioProcessor and wraps an AudioSource . Then, as jrlanglois said, you just add those processors to an AudioProcessorGraph and play the graph using an AudioProcessorPlayer.

Hi jules,
i have to play two track at the same time on two different channel .I have wrapped AudioSource to the class which inherits AudioProcessor.I have created two instance of AudioProcessor one for each track and i have added it to AudioProcessorGraph.And this AudioProcessorGraph i have added to AudioProcessorPlayer.Now,I want to know how to create connection between particular AudioProcessor and a particular o/p channel in AudioProcessorGraph .Please help.