Help wanted (audio)

Hi, all.

Finally, I’m interested in audio programming. Can anyone explain to me how to create several independent players (tracks) that can play audio streams to different sound devices simultaneously. Moreover, I want to know how to switch each player between audio devices independently while they are playing.

hmm… is it possible in JUCE at all?

Yes, you just use AudioIODevice objects, but it won’t work with ASIO, which is only designed to have one device open at a time.

Thanks, Julian. I’ve expected the answer like that.
Sorry, but I do not see a clear way to use it (I’m a little bit confused with audio programming in JUCE).

Can you drop a couple of code samples or a graph to show a chain of classes I have to create and connect to each other? Please. Sorry for disturbing you by relatively simple questions.

… I feel stupid as none wants to help me.

The JUCE Demo source code provides a good starting point, check it out.

Well, I did. But there are no clear examles on how to set each player to its own separate device, how to mix multiple players when playing on separate devices, how to seek through an audio stream, how to display a precise current playing time, how to set a volume level of a separate player, how to be informed when a player reaches a certain stream position. Well, JUCE tells me that I can create a player using several ways but I do not clearly see a way to create a player I want. So, that’s the point I’m here.

Didn’t you read the comments for AudioIODeviceType?