How to set my OS GUI instead Juce?

Question simply like in topic, could anyone help? Thanks in advance. I searched forum, but there is tones of threads. Can anyone give simply answer? Thanks

JUCE does not have support for using the OS native GUI for the child components like buttons and sliders. (You could maybe code use of that yourself, but it would of course be a massive amount of work…)

… or is it just the Title Bar you want to use the Native version?


Yes, I want to call setUsingNativeTitleBar (true); but for plugin application I have no idea where to call it?

In my main class which inherits from AudioProcessorEditor it can’t be called.

The Host creates the Window for a plug-in


Not for the standalone application plugin build, though. But it’s rather unclear what pajczur is even asking about.

OK, thanks Rail. I see. In fact in Logic Pro there is also Logics GUI.

But one thing is unclear for me.I have my plugin set to resizable. But in Logic when I grab by Logics frame of my plugin it’s not resizable, I need to grab by plugin (nested window).54

That may be something you just have to live with. Support for resizable plugins is still weak with many plugin formats and hosts. And even if they did have proper support, JUCE may not have implemented support itself yet.