How to use native-OS titlebar for plugin editor window?

I can see that TopLevelWindow has a setUsingNativeTitleBar method, but how can I set this for a plugin's editor window, which seems to inherit from Component, not TopLevelWindow?



Educated guess here, but I'm pretty sure you can't/shouldn't be able to control that since the editor's window frame is created by the plugin host. Most hosts have their own different levels of elaboration for decorating plugin UI windows, such as Cubase and Logic having their own preset systems, or Ableton just having a bare native frame, etc. I don't think those can be changed by a plugin.

I can confirm what Jon Racz said. If you're a plugin, then the host controls your window and decides how to draw the title bar, so the answer is: you can't.

Ah, of course.

This explains why the titlebar looks like JUCE when I use the Plugin Host app/project.