How to set TextEditor right click popup menu with native look and feel

is there any method in Juce to make PopupMenu to have native look and feel?

There are standard items like Cut, Copy, Paste etc. So it seems to be obvious that there should be any way to make it look as native popup. But I can’t find anything in documentation. The only thing I found is LookAndFeel ::setUsingNativeAlertWindows(). But as name suggest it works only for alert windowsm but not standard text editor right click popup.

For any help great thanks in advance.

Best Regards

My understanding of the issue is that on Windows there is no such thing as a “native” popup menu.

Sounds ridiculous tbh, but I guess what every app developer has to do on Windows is copy the style of the OS by hand. Which is a shame for macOS JUCE devs who don’t really care about Windows and would like to show the OS default popup menus.

I’ve just checked on my friend laptop with Windows 11 and you are right in each application (even from Microsoft like Notepad or Word Office) the context menu looks totally different. I am really suprised. So ok I will design my plugin TextEditor context popup menu to have custom look and fill on Windows.

But still I have no idea how to make it on OSX to be like native. I see in many other plugins which I am fun off, like Fabfilter or Waves they have context popup menu exactly the same as it is in OSX Ventura. And I can’t believe they copied OSX style by hand. So is there anybody here to help me achieve something like on screens:

I assume it’s going to be a case of learning Objective-C and rewriting the macOS parts of juce::PopupMenu to use the relevant NSWhatever calls to achieve that. :frowning:

It is somewhat a shame that there is no useNativeMenus that only available to macOS, but then I understand also why not because JUCE is supposed to be a cross platform framework.

OK, understand. Thanks for info.