How to set up Projucer to compile VST2s with the old SDK?

I know that there are many topics about this one since Steinberg stopped VST2, but it still isn’t clear for me how to set Projucer up to compile as VST2s.

  • I included the path of the VST2 SDK in the global path section “VST (Legacy) SDK”
  • no path in the “VST3 SDK” - global path section
  • I disabled “JUCE_VST3_CAN_REPLACE_VST2” in the juce_audio_plugin_client

when I try to compile it I get an error that “pluginterfaces/vst2.x/aeffect.h” is not found (No such file or directory)

I’m compiling on Linux with the Linux Makefile.

I don’t want to sell / share my VST2s - I’m just getting started with developing audio software and want to test them in my DAW. As it seems that VST3s can’t be compiled in Linux (referring: Linux, VST3, the universe and everything) VST2 is the only way for me to test some algorithms.

Thanks for any help in advance!!

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Do you have the actual VST2 SDK? The VST2_SDK that comes with the current download from Steinberg is not the VST2 SDK that you need to compile VST2, I’m not sure why there is even that folder contained within tbh. My guess since you say “I’m just getting started with developing audio software” is that you don’t have the needed VST2 SDK, and unfortunately there is no way you can get it now, short of convincing someone who does already have it to give you the files (and I doubt anyone would risk their VST2 license agreement in doing so).

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Thanks for your response! Well… I have one that says it was built on 11th June 2018, so I assume its an “old” one (previous October 2018). Nevertheless the library includes a “aeffect.h” document, so I’m wondering why I get this error when I try to compile it…

You can also use the Standalone plugin format, which doesn’t require any host.

It is still possible to download the VST2 SDK

I got that link from here:

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Hilarious! You can see on Github the huge list of DMCA takedowns Steinberg issued for repos which had the VST2 files in them and then they leave it available on their own site :joy:

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