How to sign aax with an cloud EV cert on Windows

If anybody knows how to sign aax plugins with the tool provided by pace with an cloud EV cert (in azure, thanks for the tutorial @sudara ) please let me know :slight_smile:.
Or is it possible to sign the aax plugin with a selfsigned or macos certificate? Our OV certificate is expired.

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You’ll need to speak with PACE about this. I got as far as them wanting to schedule a call with someone from sales, at which point I realised it must be[1] a paid offering to enable such a workflow and left it there.

Other than that I don’t think anyone can legally talk about this anyway because of the NDA.

[1] - edit: probably… don’t take my word for it :joy:

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Hehe yeah, you didn’t buy anything just from talking to them. I would always recommend talking to them over trusting information circulating the internet. They are nice and helpful people.

And yes, I bailed from the paid plan too for other reasons.

It is possible to sign on self hosted runners from github actions with the dongle without the higher tiers.
But I don’t know the answer about which certificate is required. We used an OV, as this is cheaper at the entry. We will see how smart screen behaves and then reconsider if we upgrade to EV.

I read somewhere, that technically even the macos cert would work on windows, but it sounds twiddly… certainly not the recommended route.


Update: I didnt find a way to use a Azure cert with PACE, but it still works with the macos cert. (also using the dongles since Im using self hosted runners anyways)