Signing AAX plugins on CI/CD service (GitHub Actions/Azure Pipelines etc.)

Is it even possible?

Or should we resign ourselves to the fact that we will need a dedicated build server with an iLok connected?

AFAIK the only option for CI/CD is to use a self-hosted runner. I’ve done this with GitLab in the past and it wasn’t too painful, but still quite a bit more overhead than using the cloud-hosted alternatives.

I’d also love to know if anyone has found any other options.

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PACE allows cloud-signing for their paying customers only (Similar to how you can open Pro Tools with a cloud license and without iLok). I had it working on Azure Devops hosted VS2019 machines with a trial version from their side. But they don’t support that for the AAX signing plan, unfortunately. Hopefully they will revise that decision at some point because the full version from PACE is quite expensive.