How to solve missing input bug?

Since I attempted to make that sidechain plugin project again something about audio inputs broke for certain applications:

no matter which project i try to run in standalone, whenever i select my audio interface as an output device and then also select its input as the input device i get this error message and it throws out both input and output device.

I even tried pulling the latest JUCE branch and rebuilt the projucer to be sure to have a clean build of JUCE and everything, but it doesn’t help at all.

edit: not a juce bug. it also happens in audacity and stuff! guess i must try to reinstall my audio drivers or something.

edit 2: reinstalling audio drivers didn’t work. and for some reason my audio input still works in daws like bitwig and cubase, but not anymore in audacity, obs or juce’ standalone builds. what could that mean? i know it’s not a juce-specific question but i can’t work like that.

Have you tried ASIO vs WASAPI? Cubase will certainly be using ASIO but I think that’s not what you have selected in the screenshot?

Failing that you could step in with a debugger and try and understand the error coming back, search online, etc.

Or probably better still contact the manufacturer - I would probably just mention the issue with audacity though. Presumably you can recreate the issue in other DAWs such as Traction Waveform too (it’s written in JUCE)? that could also be worth raising.

from what i tried so far it seems like this happens in all apps that don’t use asio including windows audio input in general. i reinstalled the firmware and driver of my audio interface and it didn’t help. so i looked for clues in the devices manager and saw the interface’s input is being described as “not migrated”. when i googled that i found out it can mean that a driver just doesn’t work, but also that system files got corrupted.

all this happened right after i tried messing with juce’ standalone wrapper in an attempt to make it have another pseudo audio input for sidechain plugin projects. i’m not sure if i caused the issue or only exposed a problem that already existed by doing so, but i came to the conclusion it might be best to just reboot the entire computer. haven’t done that for years and it would probably good for various other reasons anyway

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