How to speed up animations on iOS?


iOS component animations are very slow for me. What I'm doing is pretty simple, fading in when revealing components. I am also drawing an openGL visualization, and its frame rate drops drastically whenever trying to animate components. Performance on OSX is fine, it's not sluggish at all. But on an iOS device it's not shippable. You can also see this in the Juce Demo by setting the OpenGL renderer in the widgets demo and then trying the animate components page (it's a bit chunky with the CoreGraphics renderer too).

Are there any options I'm missing that might help smooth out animation and prevent my frame rate from taking a nose dive?


I realise this is a very old question, did you find a solution? I’m facing the same issue with JUCE 5.4.3, and the only solution I have at the moment is to attach the OpenGLContext to a sub-component that renders into a sub-section of my UI. Attaching it to the top level component causes the animation performance issues you describe.