AnimationApp Demo runs very slow when built

Hi there,
I’m new to developing Juce and just tried the AnimationAppTutorial. When calling it with the it runs perfectly fine on my Mac but when I build my own version (using release_Release-arm64-v8a) it runs very slow (15 fps or lower at times). It’s being slowed down even more on startup when the “JUCE” seal appears. I did try the build on my Galaxy S7 as well as on a Virtual Nexus 5X device.

My question is:
It isn’t supposed to be that slow, is it? Can someone help me find out what’s wrong?

thx for your help!

On Android, you really need to be using the OpenGL renderer. Otherwise things are painfully slow…

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Hey thanks for the quick response!

What about something Qt… -> same problem?

FIY: I tried the OpenGL Tutorials and googled lots of stuff about the rendering only to find out later that it is indeed possible to just render your regular paint() function from AnimatedAppComponent by simply inheriting OpenGLRenderer and calling

openGLContext.attachTo (*this);
//next line is already a default setting
//openGLContext.setComponentPaintingEnabled (true);

See also here:

Yes, I should have pointed you to that code also… does it speed up your animations?

No problem :slight_smile:

Yes works quite fluent now except for when the seal appears. I thought maybe I have to inherit OpenGLRenderer on a higher class in the hierarchy… Any thoughts on that?