Animation frame delay in Android


Hi guys,

I don’t know what is causing this problem but when I build an animation project for android the frames of the animation are like slow motion when I run the application in the phone. I built the same project in Windows and the frames are perfect. The device I’m using is Samsung Galaxy S5 and I guess it shouldn’t be a hardware problem because the phone is very fast with every other application that I have installed.
What’s the reason that is causing this ? Is it a Juce problem with android or something else ?



Try using OpenGLContext attachTo.


Thanks, it work’s fine now but was this the main reason ?


The software renderer is super slow on Android and using OpenGL gives a big performance increase. iOS has Core Graphics that I believe the software renderer uses on those platforms so there is often no advantage to use OpenGL there.


Thanks, i’ll keep that in mind. :wink: