Improving ComponentAnimator smoothness

I'm just testing some 'swipe' type animations of a component, which are fine on my Mac but not at all smooth on my Android phone.

Is there anything that can be done to help improve things? Is it worth subclassing ComponentAnimator to use HighResolutionTimer? Or look at using a different renderer? Seen some people post about using OpenGL instead... just looking through the code now. Any tips appreciated !  

Yes, the openGL renderer should be faster on android, especially on devices with a high-res screen.

I found that using OpenGL only improved things marginally for non-interactive animations. I think the main issue may be to do with rendering whats underneath the component being moved. When I tried out the JuceDemo, using the Window demo I found I had bad performance dragging a window over another, but if I drag the window around where there is only empty space, it performs fine and feels smooth. 

When I get some time I'm going to dig a little to see where the performance hit might be. Any clues appreciated.