How to update sliders in the GUI by using the parameterIDs

I am trying to create a kind of preset mixer. I have two different xml files that i have my parameter id names in them. I am able to read these files and pull the parameter names and values from them. I have a lot of parameters. I am comparing the name of the parameters , once my mixer code finds the same ones, it changes the value of the slider from editor by calling the

     void PresetMixerPlugin::parameterChanged (const String& parameterID,
                                                  float newValue)

which is normally in the audio processor. Since i have the name of the parameters in an array, it is easy to change the values. It is working in the background. I can hear the difference in the sound. But my knobs and slider stay the same. They don’t move. I tried to refresh the GUI by repaint() and even by calling the resized().None of them worked. I feel like the mechanism works differently :smiley:

I can simply type the all name of the sliders and then change the slider values by calling sliderName.setValue(double newValue); in a switch case but this means that i have to do this for all parameters one by one.
Do you have any suggestions for me to use the paramter id names to do this properly? I also think that the calling parameterChanged (const String& parameterID, float newValue) from the GUI is not the correct way of doing this. What you think about this?

Thanks in advance :pray: