How to use ListBox?

Hi guys,

I am looking an example how to use ListBox, but I didn’t find out any where.
I just want to draw a GUI like this
Please help, I am really new Juce.


Thanks shows how to do it

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There are a couple of demos in the JUCE repository that display similar tables, and that might be useful as examples:

  • The examples/Plugins/MidiLoggerPluginDemo.h plugin project displays a table with MIDI message information very similar to the screenshot you posted. The MidiListModel and MidiTable classes are responsible for managing and displaying this table view.
  • The examples/GUI/WidgetsDemo.h app project contains a tab with a table view. This tab contains an instance of the TableDemoComponent class.

awesome, thank you @reuk .
MidiLoggerPluginDemo is exactly what I want

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