How to use LookAndFeel?

Hi guys,

I would like to customize the rotarySlider using my image. I have read many topics on how to make , but I have not yet understood how you do it . I saw that you use the LookAndFeel class , but how you use it ? and what do I have to do?

The examples in this repository really helped me when I first started out. There's actually an example showing how to use an image strip as the image of a rotary slider (knob).

Thanks to the intervention , I 'll let you know if I find some difficulty


Why it appears that the class in this example is abstract ? I must also implement other methods ?


There is also the JUCE demo. It shows examples of customised sliders as far as I recall.


Just use LookAndFeel_V3, or one of the other versions, as the base class instead. I had a problem with that a while back too when following an example from the JUCE book, I think. Maybe LookAndFeel wasn't an abstract class before or something.