How to use QT inside of JUCE?


I’d like to use JUCE as a plugin wrapper to support multiple plugin formats but use QT for actual drawing the UI.
As far as I can see there is currently no way to achieve this, right? What has to be done to do this? Is there even a way?

Thanks in advance.

maybe it’s a bit a hat on a hat, don’t you think ? :smiley:

Juce is a better programming system than Qt - seems a bit weird.

I imagine you’re going to have some trouble there - and the worst is that I’m not sure that I can tell you what that trouble might be. I recommend abandoning the idea.

The JUCE plugin wrappers are built to call a JUCE GUI. To use a Qt GUI instead you either need to modify all wrappers or make a basic JUCE GUI that somehow works as a container for your Qt GUIs.
I assume both ways will introduce some rather annoying problems like compatibility with hosts or parameter sync.

Problem is, that I should port an application which uses QT and make a plugin out of it. So it is either a rewrite of all the UI stuff, write my own plugin abstraction or get JUCE to work with QT. Right now the last idea seems the least painfull way…

Well, if you were determined in your madness :wink: I’d start by trying to create the smallest possible Qt program and seeing if you could successfully embed it.

How many GUI elements are there? The Juce GUI system is pretty straight-forward - quite similar to all the other ones I’ve used (though I barely remember Qt, I worked on it for, like, 15 seconds, 200 years ago). You might be able to port the GUI without too much fuss…