Mix Juce and QT

Hello Forum, I am building a graphics+audio application.

  1. I need advanced 2D graphics and the ability to render graphics to print and pdfs.
  2. I need to load, play and visually display audio files.

I would like to use QT for all the graphics, printing and pdf export functionalities but I want to use Juce for audio playback, wave form drawing and scrolling, etc. How can I combine a Juce waveform view and a QT graphics view in the same application window? Is it even possible?

Yes it’s possible. I did it a long time ago when porting a JUCE app to Qt. However, I can’t remember all the details. I’d dig around in the plugin code, and see how it adds a JUCE plugin window to the native window handle it gets from the host.

There is also this thread here where identical question was asked: Mixing Juce and Qt