How to use ResamplingAudioSource?

Hi all,

I’ve been using JUCE and have been able to get familiar enough and make filters/compressors/delays. Lately I have been looking into how to use the ResamplingAudioSource class and despite having tried a bunch of methods I am having no luck using it. To be frank, I am not understanding how to actually implement any sort of *AudioSource class. Can anyone give me a thorough walkthrough of how to use it? I have not been able to find any example of how to get it to work.

I am basically trying to repitch (i’m OK with the typical slow/speed up) the buffer. Apologies if this is a very stupid question. Thanks!

To use the ResamplingAudioSource, you basically need an AudioSource as its input that already has all the audio available, so it’s not really suitable for use with real time inputs. It could be used with existing AudioSources like AudioFormatReaderSource. (To read from an existing audio file on disk.)

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