How would one go about using JUCE as a wrapper for a Javascript app?

Long story short, I’ve started a job that involves understanding a certain application written in HTML/CSS/JS but was then wrapped with JUCE . I’m reading through the Juce code trying to figure out where/how the two are talking to each other or where one ends and the begins because it isn’t immediately clear. I thought maybe someone here might know how this would be done or what classes might be used?

Thanks in advance!

I am not really sure what does “wrapped with JUCE” mean?

I would make a guess it’s not using the JUCE JavaScriptEngine? That’s not a complete implementation and not aimed for high performance. One couldn’t run any random JavaScript code with that, that was initially developed for a full JavaScript stack.

Is it using the obsolete and discontinued “Awesomium” framework maybe? Or Google’s V8 JavaScript engine? Those are not related to JUCE. (But could of course be integrated with JUCE based code in some manner.)

Is it maybe about running a web page in a browser and sending requests and receiving replies from a JUCE based server application?

Is it a JUCE application that has a JUCE WebBrowserComponent and somehow communicating with the C++ side? (It would be similar to the possibility above, the WebBrowserComponent can’t do direct communication with the C++ code, it’s just an embedded web browser view provided by the operating system.)

So, there’s a lot of options what the thing could even be about, and it’s not at all clear from your post.

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No, no, this is good! They aren’t being clear to me and don’t seem to know themselves. I have few leads but its definitely “wrapped” in Juce and all the JS code references this fact constantly. All of these leads you mentioned are useful and I will investigate.