HTML5/Web integration

Apologies in advance if this is an especially dumb question. I have minimal experience in webdev...

JUCE allows us to write platform independent code. It seems there is one further bridge two cross to achieve true platform independence, web!

Apparently HTML5 offers access to much of the system API (e.g. Real-time audio)

is there any possibility for coding webpages using JUCE?

Unity3D for example allows you to deploy to any target platform, including Unity's web player.

I'm asking this because I'm looking at using JUCE as a long-term strategy, and this is the only problem I can see -- 5 years from now people may be running most of their apps straight out of the browser.

My thinking is that JUCE might be able to pull a similar trick to Unity3D -- one-time download of a browser-app that plugs into the API, and an interpreted scripting language that is capable of calling into this API (how about Python?).  And the same Python script could work on the existing 5 platforms. So it would still be a case of only write once.

That's really what I'm aiming for: to completely eliminate having to mirror any dev.


I'm certainly interested in exploring emscripten as a platform.. See this: