Huge release static lib in 1.44


I just downloaded 1.44 and compiled the release version of jucelib_static_Win32.lib using Visual C++ 2005 Express. The lib file is 133 MB!!!. The same file in version 1.43 is about 9 MB as expected.

holy maps, you’re right - i can’t even get it to link on my mojopac usb installation as there’s only 200mb space on it. Debug links fine. Whilst that’s not evidence that it actually generates massive files, as none successfully get generated, it does at least suggest a chance!

What could be causing it?

Blimey. I didn’t notice that.

I think it must be because I tweaked a couple of msdev settings to turn on whole-program-optimisation and other optimisation stuff. No idea why it’d bloat it out so much though. It doesn’t seem to make much difference to compile times on my machine - is it causing problems?

No problems in the JuceDemo that I could see.

One JuceDemo change I noticed in 1.44 that seems a little odd is that the Opengl demo is unavailable by default since JUCE_OPENGL is now not defined in juce_Config.h.