Juce static lib sizes very large for release builds

I just got the tip and built the release version with Visual Studio 2010. The static library size, optimized for speed, is about 148MB. Optimizing for size produces a library of 149MB. For comparison, the debug version is 105MB.

I have a few other versions of Juce on my local machine and have tried building them. Invariably the release build is much larger than the Debug - typically 2 to 8 times the size. Visual Studio 2008 tends to produce equally large or larger builds.

Any idea what is going on there - release builds are normally much smaller than debug builds are they not?

Don’t sweat about it - that’s just how MSVC works. Almost all of it gets thrown away in linking, it’s not worth worrying about.

Or better still, just use the amalgamated files and avoid all the faffing-about with static libs.

Thanks for the info. I think I’ll use the amalgamator!