HyperlinkButton on macOS with Google Chrome


On macOS 10.13.1 with Juce 5.1.2 when google chrome is the default browser, HyperlinkButton opens a blank page.
Same code, when Safari is the default brower it works well.
Same code, on Windows 10 it works well.
I just tried with JuceDemo and the HyperlinkButton demo has the same problem.
Is this a known problem ?Any workaround ?

The juce demo button works fine for me under those circumstances.

And under the hood, we just use the OS’s default launch-a-URL functionality… not really sure what we could do if a browser isn’t behaving itself on your machine?

Thanks Jules, for the quick reply.
Great, good to know it’s on my machine only.
I don’t know what could be special about it.
If i find something, i’ll update this thread.

I followed that :
I have no idea what CMD+OPT+R+P do at boot time… but that worked :slight_smile:

it resets the PRAM.

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