URL launchInDefaultBrowser not working in Windows Live 9

Our plug-in's interface has a button to launch our company's homepage. We load our page's link as a URL, and use the launchInDefaultBrowser() method to open it. So far, I have confirmed that it works on every OS X host that I've tested, and REAPER on Windows. It is not working on the following configuration:

Windows 8.1 (64-bit)

Ableton Live 9.1.7 32-bit

I've tried launching Ableton as Admin to see if that fixes it. It does not.

Update: It also doesn't work in Live 9.1.10. I've tested other plug-ins that are supposed to open weblinks with button clicks, and they aren't working there, either. I'm not sure if those plug-ins are built with JUCE. If not, then it might be an Ableton bug.

If this is still an issue, could you try again using the latest version of JUCE and post the code snippet that is supposed to launch the web browser?

Also note that launchInDefaultBrowser returns a bool to indicate whether or not it was successful.

My apologies for not responding sooner. Yes, it's still broken on Ableton 9.2 with the latest JUCE. I'm not doing anything too unusual:

First, I define infoUrl, and then I call this when a button is clicked:



It's worked in every other host that I have tried. Windows Ableton is the holdout.