Live on Windows 7


I have LIve8 and the latest and unmodified JuceDemoPlugin source, built it and there are two major things that do not work

  • setParameterNotifyingHost() does nothing (but it’s just Live it works in other hosts like Reaper, FLStudio), moving a slider has no effect, however changing the parameter from Live does update the values in the plugin, i tried debugging and the only weird thing is the AudioEffect::setParameterAutomated call witch has the “audioMasterAutomate” parameter as invalid (i checked in the Watch window and it has an invalid adress)

  • you can’t input anything to Label/TextEditor

theese reports are for Win32 builds with everything left to default and not a single line of mine code. Could anyone share some inside what could be wrong. I know the TextEditor/Label issue has been adressed but i don’t know if it has ever been fix and there is some FLAG or setting i need to tweak to make it work.

– edit
i re-checked this on the MAC it works fine in Live 7, i also pulled the latest tip that holds the wrapper directory in the src/ dir and replaced the juce.h include with JuceHeader generated with the Introjucer for the project to build, same issue.


can anyone verify this ?


i fixed the parameter problem (Introjucer changed and the build parameters changed, in some cases i don’t know witch this seems broken, i re-created the project again and it works)

the window focus problem is still gone, all keystrokes go to live not to the plugin window, no matter what the keyboard focus setting.


afaik you still need to temporarily move the text-editor to the desktop to allow keyboard input in ableton live on windows.

you can find code examples in this thread:


yes i noticed that post but i have too much generic JUCE components that use TextEditors/Labels to be able to replace them, i need a more global solution.