WebBrowserComponent and URL::launchInDefaultBrowser()


I’m working with a web login system.
When the app starts, it checks if the user is already logged (WebBrowserComponent with size=0, looking for a login cookie)
If not, it launches URL::launchInDefaultBrowser() so he can log-in, and then creates the login cookie.

It turns out, that Juce lunches two different browsers (ie7 in WebBrowserComponent and ie8 in URL) so the cookie thing just doesn’t work.
I’m considering moving the whole process to WebBrowserComponent, but only as a last resort.

Any suggestions?


I’m afraid I can’t really help with that - you’re at the mercy of whatever browser Windows decides to provide for those tasks!

launchInDefaultBrowser(); doesn’t work at all in iOS - neither on simulator, nor on iPad. Any help?