I can't debug AAX, and no printf


I'm trying to get my plugin working for AAX version. It's being a bit difficult as I'm unable to debug it or even have some printf's (!)

I didn't have this problem working on AU/VST3 but now with AAX i'm unable to debug.

The difference is that I'm using the Debug-->Attach to Process option.

So it stop's in a breakpoint I have in my AudioProcessor class, but doesn't show the printf I have there.

And it doesn't stop in any of the breakpoints I have in juce_AAX_Wrapper.cpp and also no printf here.

I'm using:

-Xcode 5.1.1

- JUCE v3.0.7. 

- Pro Tools 11 developer build

Any tip here?



Take a look at the PACE/AAX documentation, i believe they have their own macros for logging and has made some debugging restrictions as a part of their Pro Tools protection..

( Logger::writeToLog comes to mind.. )