I swear I didn't touch it!

‘GetClassNameW’ : cannot convert parameter 2 from ‘char[32]’ to ‘LPWSTR,’ in juce_VstWrapper.

I didn’t edit the file beyond that short-lived attempt at longer parameter names, and restored my backup copy of the current version.

I did redo MY files from scratch, so it’s possibly an include out of order or somesuch, but nothing in my files touches any of those and that file isn’t included anyway.

No other compilation errors, unless of course fixing this unleashes a flood of them…

Dave Heinemann

You must be doing a unicode build. In fact, what I should have done is to use TCHAR instead of char for the windowType variable.

Thanks again Jules, for that and also, having recently started this monster project over, I keep thinking how quickly I would have given up if it was VSTSDK.

The project is called MIDI to Reality - it makes MIDI instruments sound more realistic. I found myself using dozens of plugin instances and lots of bussing to achieve that, but tweaking took all day, so I’m making one central interface to handle as much as possible, per track anyway.

I started over from scratch because it was too slow - I made the processing more assembly-like for better optimization, even if I don’t end up using assembly.

I hope to get it running in a day or two, testing it on multiple tracks without destroying the CPU.

It SOUNDED good before restarting, but the P4 was crying over multiple instances to the point of uselessness. Useless isn’t cool…

Dave Heinemann

Cool. Sounds like an interesting project.