Vst or vsti?

Hey there, everyone. I have recently begun working with the Juce framework, and I am trying to build the juce_vst project, the vst audio plug-in. I am using VS Pro 2005, and debugging with cubase as my host.

I can get the project to build without error, and it is outputting a .dll file to the vstplugin folder of cubase. For some reason, cubase is recognizing it as a vsti. I have not modified the code, and I have pointed to the VST SDK successfully, as far as I can tell.

I imagine that this is an easy fix, but I haven’t found it yet. :?


Look in JucePluginCharacteristics.h and change the following line:

/** Set this value to 1 if your plugin is a synth, or 0 if it isn't. */ #define JucePlugin_IsSynth

Thank you, g_mon.

working now…