I want to make meter like this

hi i want make a ouput or cpu meter like this bmp20211

how can i make one in juce 5 what cant of class i need for make one of this let me now please it gonna help very macht

Take a look at this tutorial: https://docs.juce.com/master/tutorial_audio_device_manager.html#tutorial_audio_device_manager_cpu_usage

That shows how to gather CPU usage data. The GUI/graphic part is up to you, it can be done in a lot of ways, you can have some ideas from VU meters done by other users here (take a look at forum)

can i also use it for synth this class

In a synth you have at least 2 threads: audio thread (only audio processing, no memory allocations or gui stuff there) and main thread (messages & user interface like buttons, sliders…). You can have this in the GUI thread, a really simple example: you poll the CPU usage with a timer (every X miliseconds), and use that data to set a vertical slider position. Once you got that working you can make your own graphics or slider the way you want it to look

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