I would like to put a Background image onto my Audio Plugin


I’m extremely new to C++ and to coding, but I thought that it would be a fun project to try and design a plugin. I have managed to get everything set up and have made a simple slider that has a volume control but isn’t yet controlling volume. I will get to that soon.

I have created an image in Photoshop in the correct dimensions as my Audio plugin, but I would like to know how to set that image as the background image to the plugin.

I have put the image into a folder in my Projucer and it has made the BinaryData.h and BinaryData.cpp in JUCE Library Code so I know it is in the project file, but my trouble comes with my lack of C++ knowledge as to where to put this code. The plugin I am trying to make is an Audio Plugin (VST3).

Any help is really appreciated!

Thank you,

Hi, you can override the paint() method of your plugin editor class and use drawImageAt:

    g.drawImageAt( ImageCache::getFromMemory( BinaryData::BG_png, BinaryData::BG_pngSize ), 0, 0 );