iCloud Drive File Access

Hi all!

I’ve been able to read and write a specific file from iCloud Drive, using iOS and MacOS, thanks to a very helpful forum discussion, using FileChooser::browseForFileToOpen, followed by getUrlResult() and then creating input and output streams from that URL. What I’d also like to do, however, is iterate through the other files in that directory, showing a preview of each to the user. I think that would argue for something like a DirectoryContentsList, but judging from some conditional code in AudioPlaybackDemo, that seems not to be supported for URL-based file access on iOS. Is there a way to open files with JUCE (without an explicit chooser) and, perhaps a broader question, what is the overall level of support for working with iCloud Drive files at present? My goal was to use iCloud Drive to synchronize docs between mobile and desktop versions of my app… Thank you!

I have exact the same question. Is there a way to read files and directories recursively from the iOS iCloud Drive?