When adding the ICON_BIG and ICON_SMALL to juce_add_plugin I get a CMAKE warning from the install command

“INSTALL TARGETS - target hello_Standalone has RESOURCE files but no RESOURCE DESTINATION”

How to fix?

Please let us know what operating system, CMake generator, and CMake version you are using so that we can try to reproduce the issue.

cmake generator is xcode
I updated to cmake to 3.21.4 and now warning for standalone target is gone. :+1:
now I only get the warning for the targets: aax vst vst3 and au.

But the icon are only useful for the standlaone target.

How do I only set ICON_BIG and ICON_SMALL for the standalone target when calling the juce_add_plugin?

That sounds like something we might need to fix in the JUCE CMake wrapper. I’ll investigate and update this thread once I know for sure what’s causing the issue.

I think this is a bug in CMake. There was a fix merged recently for .app bundles on macOS - however, I suspect that the fix should also apply to other kinds of bundle.

I’ll notify the CMake maintainers and see what they say. In the meantime, I’ll try to put together a workaround on our side.