No standalone icon after update to latest develop

after update to latest develop:
commit 4fbc4da29ad9330b391ceba0632091dca6ae4dd0
Windows: Always define RunningInUnity flag in juce_gui_basics TU

I no longer get a icon on my windows standalone application
I Previously run latest master 7.0.5 and had the icon…

I add it with the ICON_BIG and ICON_SMALL in cmake

ICON_BIG “icon_big.png”
ICON_SMALL “icon_small.png”

It was after this commit windows standalone icon disappear:

commit eb3d1d4f3207b1dd5057665370e88ac5af327e45
Author: Reuben Thomas
Date: Tue Mar 21 21:12:07 2023 +0000

CMake: Add resources.rc files to all JUCE targets

Thanks for reporting, this should be fixed on develop: