Idea for a plugin, forward parameters to midi out

Hi there,

I haven’t done anything with JUICE yet, but I am investigating a possible idea I’d like to implement. It’s quite simple so I think it might exist already. That’s why I’d like to investigate my options before wasting a lot of time 8)

I recently got a NI Maschine. I quite like it but one part they seem to have failed miserably is in the midi implementation. The thing has a midi out port but it can only send out midi notes + basic midi clock. There is no support for CC or program changes for example :shock:

However, maschine can load plugins and automate their parameters. A workaround would be to load a plugin which forwards its parameter values as CC and program messages to a midi port.

For program changes this already seems to exists by the name of midi-o. Are you aware of a plugin that does this with CC? If I were to start on a plugin like this are there any particular pitfalls I should be aware of?