I,m diving into the jucer and i,m running into some problems.

In the jucer i have created a component called Frames with two new jucer components. One is called topFrame and the other bottomFrame.

I have added all this to the hello world application and i have been able to compile and run it (JEAH!) but only by changing the JUCER_COMPONENTTEMPLATE_JUCEHEADER to a different name in topFrame.h and bottomFrame.h if they are all the same in each file then it does not compile.

am i doing something wrong?

ah, you’re right - that’s odd, because it used to work; I must have accidentally changed something in jucer_ComponentTemplate.h

What it should have at the top of the file is this:

#ifndef %%headerGuard%%
#define %%headerGuard%%

Somehow it seems to have been changed to that fixed string.