Ignore certain output types for certain configs?

In the Introjucer, is it possible to check VST+AU+RTAS+AAX but for some of the configurations NOT build ome of these?

For example, for a 64-bit build I don’t want RTAS (because I’m using PT8), but I do want it for 32 bit builds. On windows I don’t care (yet) about AAX, but on mac I;d like to build it.

This would stop me from having to make a completely new .jucer file for specific builds…

  • bram

You might be able to manually set the JucePlugin_Build_RTAS flags for each config… Not 100% sure if that’d work, but could be worth a try!

That did seem like it works…! Thx!

  • bram

I’ve done that successfully in the past, a seperate VST an AU - exporter. (was required because need different base SDKs for each plugin format)