Multiple build targets with IntroJucer?

We're building an audio plugin (currently focusing on Mac version) for VST and AAX. Because of issues around copy protection, we need to build the AAX and VST separately. I think the answer is no, but is it possible to direct IntroJucer to create separate targets for each checked plugin type? We want to avoid maintaining separate IntroJucer projects, but that currently appears to be the only option.


aka: Louis Sinclair

I think you could probably create different exporters for each type, and in the settings for each one set the relevant preprocessor macros to enable/disable the formats.

Thanks, I was thinking AppConfig.h definitions would be a problem, but a pre-build script could deal with that by copying in the version we need.

I don't think you'd need a script - each exporter can specify its own preprocessor macros, so you could just set a flag to indicate which build it is, then pick that up in the AppConfig.h and set other flags appropriately.

Ah, I get what you're saying now. That should be relatively painless.

Thanks again!