IIR Frequency Response Graph

Hi all,

Quite a newbie here, so patience please :wink:

I’m designing my own IIR based EQ using a single band LPF example for starters. VST on windows machine.
Audio is pretty much OK and I’m dwelving into the graphic side. I want to design a ‘frequency response graph’ which will be re-drawn at real time (once filter values are changed).

Assume I have an array (of say 200 values) which represnt the amplitude (value in Db) for frequency (array position) called a[200].
How can I easily draw this array to the VST GUI?

Going over the wonderful ‘Juce tutorials’ I still could not find a decent way to paint an array. Should I use ‘Path’ ? Can I feed it with an array?
I searched the forum but could not really find a good answer.

Any idea is welcomed.


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