Im trying to create a 3d knob button with a glow the glow increases when you move the knob

PS im using blender and here is something i want to write

Are you asking a question or just showing us your blender work?

@cackland m asking a question but i was just showing examples of what i want it to look like

@cackland how to import 3d knob from blender into juce

I think it’s not possible. If you want, you may create a PNG strip with the different knob positions, include it in your project, and draw it with Graphics::drawImage()

Either use png sprite sheets, or look into OpenGL. I think the teapot demo loads a 3d obj file.

Some one did something like what I want to do but the person is using cinema 4d instead of blender

Yes, you can do it with the method I told you. Take a look to this:

It’s a little tool to create few 3d knobs, and then generating png strips you may use with juce knobs. Try it first, and export a single knob to a strip, and try to use it in a test knob with Graphics::drawImage() in its paint method or LookAndFeel. You may do the same with Blender!

However, in my experience, painting the knob with code it’s less painful in the long run. Current Juce core painting is a bit limited, but you may do interesting things with it. OpenGL is better (you can 3D), but I prefer do not use it because it was deprecated in OSX and I’m waiting for a better alternative.

You don’t need OpenGL to make it look 3d. But it is quite a skill to recreate a good 3d look with or without OpenGL.