Image Component

Sorry if this is a stupid question but I am trying to learn JUCE from Mac/iOS background. I have my main app being created and some sliders and buttons, etc. But what I need is a bunch of background images that do nothing but setup the look of the UI, bars that buttons sit on, etc.

On iOS I would use a UIImageView, set the image into it and then adjust the size and decide on how the image would fit (ScaleToFill, Each Dimension scaled, Scale to Aspect, Fit To Aspect). The only thing I can come up with that is close is DrawableImage but it always showed up in the upper left of my view unless I did a call to setBoundingBox. So the next attempt was to put it inside a component and then put the component inside my larger view.

Both of those solutions do not seem correct and I am sure I must be missing something. Either there is some type of component that handles this or should I just write my own? UIImageView is a pretty large piece of a graphical UI that is not drawn by code in my app (I have a graphic artist that does a lot of small details in the graphics and rendering these in code is not ideal or a quick way to proceed).

Have you tried using ImageComponent? ImageComponent

Wow. Thanks for the quick reply. Not sure how I missed it. Saw the Drawable and dove straight in.

Now I just need to learn the Bounds code. It seems pretty powerful and pretty complex.