Image Metadata support

I’ve done an initial implementation of image metadata support for juce. Hopefully somebody finds it useful.

It can be found here:

So far, it is read only. Supported formats for jpeg: comment, exif, iptc, and xmp. For png: xmp.

Todo: jpeg colour profiles and embedded audio.

The exif values aren’t parsed into strings. for example, for light source, it’ll just say 1, 2 or 3 etc. instead of daylight, fluorescent or tungsten.

Exif makernotes aren’t parsed, but since most of them have been reverse engineered, I also do add support for them.

To install, extract into the imaging folder and add the files into the projects.

Usage, create an Image, and the metadata will be in the image.

Use the following image functions: hasMetadata(), getNumMetadataItems(), getMetadataItem(int i)

Or, if you want the metadata, without decoding the image use ImageFileFormat::loadMetadata


interesting! someone asked me how to extract those kind of stuff from jpg images, now we can :)…