New juce app: Komodo Drop

Here is my latest juce app, it’s an uploader for the photo sharing site SmugMug. I’ve been working on it for about a week and a half in my spare time. I love juce, it makes it so easy.

Here it is:

Jules, two feature requests:

tri-state toggle buttons (on, off & indeterminate)
read/write jpeg exif metadata (ok, this one is a long shot)

…and my other feature request is some sort of thumbnail control. Like the windows listview in thumbnail mode.

What a neat little app! Very nice.

I’ll have a think about your toggle button idea - how do you reckon it would show the ‘indeterminate’ state?

No idea what’s involved in reading/writing the exif data, but I’ll pop it on my list of “things to do if I ever finish my list of more important things to do”

A thought: Instead of an n-state button you could implement a button shaped comboBox that cycles through the items when you click it. I’ve considered that before, for things like waveform selection in a VSTi.

Good EXIF support is a massive bitch, as every manufacturer has their own extensions to the basic set, and even with the same manufacturer there can be large variations from model to model. There are some open source (GPL) libraries out there for EXIF handling, but I don’t know how well these could be integrated into Juce.

Windows XP does the indeterminate state as a box. 2000 did it as a gray check I think. I’m not sure if you ever see it on the mac.

As for exif:

JHead is a public domain exif parser:

Libexif is LGPL:

I think I’ll end up using one of them. My goal is to be able to resize a jpg, without losing the exif data.

There is xmp metadata as well, which is xml based, but I don’t think any cameras support it yet.

OS X shows:

off: a clear empty box
on: a blue checked box
indeterminate: a blue box with a minus in it