Image rescaling quality

I just noticed there's a massive difference in image rescaling quality between OS X and Windows,

I've tried setting ImageResamplingQuality high but no luck, any tips on how can I improve this ?


class CustomMenuComponent   : public PopupMenu::CustomComponent





        logo = loadgfx(ResBottomBar::tsea_logo_png, ResBottomBar::tsea_logo_pngSize);


    void getIdealSize (int& idealWidth, int& idealHeight) override


        // tells the menu how big we'd like to be..

        idealWidth = 200;

        idealHeight = 20;


    void paint (juce::Graphics& g) override


        float w = getWidth();

        float h = getHeight();

        g.setColour ( Colours::black.withAlpha(0.95f));


        g.drawImageWithin (logo,

                           w*0.2, h*0.2, w*0.6, h*0.7,





    Image logo;


Why use an image there, when an SVG or other vector format would be more appropriate, and would look better than either of those versions?

Those formats are new to me to be honest, but I will check it out :) thanks !