Is there a way to set the graphics resampling quality without having to override the paint() method?

I’ve got a button on the UI, and I’m resizing it.
Is there anyway I can .set this particular button graphic to scaled at highResamplingQuality?
Or am I forced to override its paint() and implement that manually?

(also, I assume setBounds triggers the paint() method)

Some more context would be helpful.

Can only guess that you might be using ImageButton?

And again can only guess that you’re using Windows?

If both those are true then the answer is, yes, you will need to override the paint method, further more you will have to use some other method to rescale the image as by design Windows image scaling is garbage.

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Yes to ImageButton and Windows!
I’ll look at those links - thanks for providing them.

(Also, a font I just imported looks poor. I don’t suppose there are any tricks for fonts are there? )