Image Resource in AudioPlugin

Hi everyone,

I have 3 images loaded from an absolute path in my AudioPlugin project. I am trying to add them as resources in the project but I have some issues. First, I have added the images into Projucer and marked them as Binary Resource, then I am trying to load them use BinaryData:: to load them, but VisualStudio is not recognising the class and thus I cannot load it. Is this the correct way to do it?, am I missing something?

Best and thank you, Jorge.

BinaryData:: … should be the way to go. There can be problems if BinaryData.cpp gets very large. Perhaps you could try with some very small images first to exclude this possibility?

Look the example projects - as mentioned by Martin search for BinaryData:: in the JUCE Demo to see how it’s done.

Hey guys, thank you very much!, apparently I had to SAVE and open IDE in order for Visual Studio to generate the BinaryData.h class. Noob mistake. Thanks again.