+ImageFileFormat::loadFrom will fail if Image is not a PNG

The following code will fail if the URL points to a JPEG file.
Because internally ImageFileFormat::loadFrom will try different formats. If the image format isn’t PNG it will try to read it as a JPEG. However to do so it will try to rewind the position of the inputStream. But as the inputstream is a WebInputStream this is impossible (at least the implementation does not seem to allow it) and thus it will fail to read the JPEG as it already advanced a few bytes into the stream.

std::unique_ptr<InputStream> response(url.createInputStream(false);
Image thumbnail = ImageFileFormat::loadFrom(*response);

What will work is to first read the response into a MemoryBlock and create a MemoryInputStream. This works because the MemoryInputStream is positionable.

URL url;
std::unique_ptr<InputStream> response(url.createInputStream(false);
MemoryBlock block;
MemoryInputStream mis(block, false);
Image thumbnail = ImageFileFormat::loadFrom(mis);

We have recently moved on to using a new version of JUCE and the old version did work with the first snippet.

So i would suggest looking into this because this is a hard problem to spot if you are not aware of this.